The first phase of your driving test is the eyesight check. You will be asked to read the number plate on a stationary vehicle at a distance of 20.5 meters.If you are unable to speak english the examiner will allow you to write down what you see.Normally the examiner will ask you to read a number plate from a distance a little further than 20.5 meters,if you cannot he will take you a step closer and ask you a second time, if you still cant read the number plate he will ask you to take a seat back in the waiting room and will measure out the required distance and ask you a third and final time.If at this point you fail to read the plate the examiner will terminate the test, he will then ask you to sign a form DL77 which states that you were unable to comply with the minimum eyesight check. The examiner will the send this form to the DVLA and your licence will be revoked. You will then have to reapply for your licence using the D1 form and fill in a medical questionnaire. Before being reissued your licence you will have to make an appointment to attend a test center and have your sight checked by a examiner and only once you pass this test will you be given back your provisional.

Please remember that if you have to use glasses to read the number plate you will not be allowed to take them off during your driving test and you must use them during all your lessons.
Our instructors will check your eyesight on the first lesson but make sure you have your eyes regularly checked by an optician as we cannot be held responsible for test not conducted due to eyesight.