Your Theory Test is comprised of two parts:

Part One - A Multiple Choice of 57 minutes duration in which you will be expected to answer 43 out of 50 questions correctly, using a touch screen computer. Before the test begins, comprehensive instructions will be displayed followed by a sample question, providing you with an opportunity to familiarise yourself with the process. Then the actual test will begin. Each question will appear on the screen along with multiple answers, your task is to select the correct one. Please note that some questions may require more than one answer. Some questions will be given as a case study. The case study will show a short story that 5 questions will be based on and focus on real life examples and experiences you could come across when you’re driving.



Part Two - The Hazard Perception Test is delivered via computer, you simply respond by clicking on the mouse. A short tutorial explaining the required elements, after an optional 3 minute break. This Test presents a series of 14 video clips featuring daily road scenes. Each clip will depict at least one developing hazard and it is your task to 'spot' the hazard as it begins to develop. For each clip there is the possibility of securing a maximum of 5 points. In order to pass this section of the Theory Test you will require a score in excess of 44.    
You will need to succeed in both parts to pass your Theory Test.